08 November 2011

What do you do when you got nothing to do ?

Najib says, "Salam Satu Malaysia".
Zambry says, "Salam Perak Aman Jaya".

English is majority Malaysian second language. Almost Malaysian know English. To learn second language, we start with the writing, listening and speaking. Different with the vernacular language. We learn it from listening, speaking and the last is writing. This is what my lecturer said. He's not a linguist. He's just an arabic morphology experties. 

What do you do when you got nothing to do ? Your hobby of course. What do you really into ?  Cooking ? Planting ? Reading ? When I am little, my hobby is reading. HAHA. That was just stated in biodata. 

Actually I am just wanna write in THIS again. Dont have any idea. Writing with no point. Arghh. -______-" 

Dilukis oleh kawan aku dalam apps note g900 :D


D-SIM said...

English is majority Malaysian second laguange.


Its, MANGLISH instead.

Check out the 'Salam Satu Malaysia' with 'One Malaysia Greetings'. Spot that ?

RIAN said...


RIAN said...

MANGLISH ? is it a 'language' ?

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