15 December 2010

Morning and afternoon.

Happy morning ! Upss. . its already afternoon lah. My sleep time has been change so drastically. Huhu. I couldnt sleep at nite then after subuh, my eyes start feeling sleepy. And i will sleep till afternoon. 

Well i have plan today. Wanna go somewhere which there has bookstores. Wanna find some book for my reading habit. Heheh. Not really habit la, just for starting. Hope it will continues as a very good habit. =)

Oh how bout my feeling today ? Hurmm. . The feels of something missing. Ya everytime i woke up from sleep, everytime i open my eyes and my mind start working, i am thinking of him. Huahha. Hope i will totally recover soon. Insyaallah !

Gambar hiasan.

Mutiara kata.


ZWAN SABRI said...

U dah kena penyakit insomnia kowt..
Thats why x leh tido malam.. HEHE..

RIAN said...

owh ? bahaya tak ?
ishh. . ada ubat ?

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